Exit Point by thriller writer Anil Goel starts with an investigation into the mysterious death of a teenage girl who was chatting online with another teenager on a social networking site at the exact moment she died. The investigation takes on chilling proportions when it turns out that the girl she was supposedly chatting with had already committed suicide a year ago, and snowballs rapidly into a global crisis spreading across all of humanity via the internet.


Set in a chillingly probable 2016, Exit Point is tech thriller that takes us into a dark, mysterious online world where an ancient mystery is finally unravelling after centuries. Startling events that seem unrelated at first begin to fall together into a plot that that cuts across Australia, India, China, Hong Kong, London, America - and ultimately all of mankind. From Adam and Eve. To us.

A dozen sharks go berserk off the coast of Bondi Beach and land up dead with terrible burn marks on their nose. A super-intelligent teenage girl is found dead with no apparent cause and her father, implicated in another murder in the same house, at the same time, insists he doesn't know how she died. The investigating team gets a mysterious tip-off - the girl was chatting with another teenager on a social networking site at the exact time she died. A young reclusive tech genius is contemplating a suicide pact with an online soul mate who suddenly disappears.

As these seemingly disconnected events begin to come together into an existential crisis thundering towards mankind itself, all hopes lie with Alok - and his quest to find his intimate. At all of 17 years of age, he saved a country. At 25, can he save humanity?"


Anil Goel grew up in Mumbai, India in the 70s and fell in love with computers when he saw one for the first time in the Asiatic supermarket at Churchgate in the 80s. He went on to graduate with honours in Computer Engineering in the 90s and worked in the technology industry for more than a decade before writing his first novel "Release 2.0: The Bangalore Imperative". Release 2.0 was hailed as "India's first IT thriller" and rated very high for its fast pace, imagination and vision of the technology industry, earning Anil the moniker of "Prophet Of Doom" from the Deccan Herald. Exit Point is his second novel. It is based on the internet.

A diehard technologist, who believes the entire miracle of the universe can be reduced to a computing problem, Anil's stories are tech thrillers that are based on real technology but stretch the limits of what is currently available and what may be possible in the future. You can find him on

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